5 Reasons Why You Need To Wear Headbands When Running

Do you want to buy headbands? Headbands are clothing accessories that are worn around the forehead or in the hair when carrying out exercise activities such as running. They are usually of a loop of elastic material or a piece of plastic or metal that’s horse-shoe shaped.

You should consider wearing headbands while running as a result of their many benefits. This informative post looks at 5 reasons why you should wear them during your running sessions.

Keep You Cool & Dry

One reason why you should consider buying headbands is that they keep you cool and dry during your workout activities. The reason is that the best brands are made of excellent material, for example, polyester and spandex. These materials make the fabric to be lightweight, soft and stretchy, enabling you to stay cool and dry as you exercise.

Keep Hair Out of Your Face

When running, one thing that can distract you is medium length or long hair. The reason is that with each stride you take, the hair keeps bouncing in your face. Headbands enable you to focus on your workouts, which allow you to get the best results.

Machine Washable

When running, your headbands will be exposed to sweat as you get the best of your workout. The advantage of headbands is that they are machine washable.

Health Reasons

Another benefit of buying headbands is that they protect you from the cold. The reason is that they can serve as a source of heat.


While running, you can use your headbands as a fashion accessory. The reason is that some models come in appealing colors and designs, which attract attention to the hair and can also be worn to match your running fabrics.


Buying headbands should be easier with the above informative post that spells out its benefits. Read online reviews of headbands and remember to check your budget plans when buying them for the best outcome.

Effective Ways of Dealing with an Angry Teenage Son

Anger is mostly a natural response to situations and events that we may not like. However, if you have a teenage son who is always angry, then you have to be alarmed. In fact, you need to try and help him overcome these signs of anger problems. This is a lot different approach then how to deal with a shy teen.

Dealing with an Angry Teenage Son

dealing with a teenage sonWhen he is screaming at you, it is more than possible to hit back and scream louder so that you win the contest. Unfortunately, this lowers you to his level rendering it ineffective in all aspects. Yelling and prolonging the conversation simply empowers him over you. Furthermore, no matter how mad you may be, there is no excuse for name calling or yelling at your son. It cements the bad behavior and could even strain your relationship for a long time.

Instead, focus on controlling him and making him accountable for his actions. This means that you put rules in place and price to pay should they be broken. The price could be taking away some of his privileges.

Try Self-Disclosure

Alternatively, you can turn to self-disclosure to help you turn his anger around. This helps with raising your teenage son. This simply means that you have to let him know that you are finding it hard to communicate with him at that moment when he is busy throwing tantrums. Phrases like “I do not think I can help you with your shouting and screaming.” This phrase will let your angry teenage son know that his behavior is not working making him rethink it.

Challenge His Thinking

Another great way of dealing with him is by challenging his thinking. This does not mean you encourage him to spar with you by using things like “You think you are a tough guy now, huh?” Challenging his thinking means that you make him realize that his behavior is not being effective. Saying things like “I know your friends are waiting for you for a trip to the mall but screaming at me will not help you go.”