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With our kid, it’s that lightning flash of insight, once suddenly we tend to see things from another perspective, and everything has the potential to differ. This web site has Aha! moments for fogeys of each age kid, from physiological condition during the teenager years.

Are you moving faraway from “old school” parenting toward “gentle guidance” and “positive discipline”?

Are you want you’ll facilitate your kid wish to behave, instead of scaring him into compliance or breaking his will?

Would you prefer to attach additional along with your kid to make a detailed, loving relationship rather than troubled for control?

Do you wish to boost youngsters World Health Organization get older into happy, unselfish, accountable, competent people?

Do you contemplate yourself to be mistreatment some or all of the practices of “attachment” parenting, and wish associate degree full-fledged resource to consult about challenges that emerge with every stage?

Do you wish to understand the way to raise a twenty first century child mistreatment eternal values?

Do you wish to feel additional galvanized and assured as a parent?

You’ve return to the proper place!

Dr. Maggie Roberts creates Aha! moments for fogeys of children from babies through teens. She trained as a psychotherapist at Indiana University, however she’s conjointly a mother, therefore she understands youngsters — and parents!